When Selling Your Home Should You Install New Windows?

When your windows are functioning properly and they look nice, you probably don’t give them a second glance. You count on them to do their job just like every other essential component of your structure. That said, the condition of your windows can deteriorate imperceptibly over time, so that you don’t even really notice when they aren’t functioning as well as they once did, or that they have become an eyesore.

You can bet that prospective buyers won’t look at your home with the same rose-colored glasses. They’re going to see every flaw, including cracked or chipped glass and outdated or deteriorated window frames. They’re going to notice windows that stick when opening or closing, as well as drafts around leaky windows. Further, they’re going to start wondering about what else could be wrong with your home if the windows are in such a state of disrepair.

When it comes to preparing your property for sale, any number of repairs and upgrades might be necessary, and new window installation is one of the most popular updates to older homes. What advantages can you hope to gain when you spring for new windows before listing your home for sale? Here are a few you should know about.

Increase Interest

Some prospective home buyers prefer the character and style of older homes, while others are looking for the conveniences offered by modern construction. You can deliver the best of both worlds when you opt to upgrade your windows. Not only will you maintain the unique character and charm so many older homes deliver, but you can offer the beauty, economy, and eco-friendly aspects inherent to modern window upgrades.

When you list your home, you can’t get around including the age in the description, and this could give some buyers pause. However, when you temper this admission with information pertaining to modern upgrades, including new windows, you increase the overall appeal of your property listing. Your new windows can improve the environment and the comfort and efficiency of the home, increasing interest in your property in the process.

Compete with Other Sellers

There’s a good chance your home is comparable to others in your neighborhood in a variety of ways, and this can make it hard to compete with other sellers for the interest of prospective buyers. Upgrades to essential components like windows can help your property to stand out from the pack. If it comes down to a decision between a home with brand-new windows or one with windows that need replacement, there’s a good chance your move-in ready property will win.

Boost Asking Price

You might understandably balk at the price of upgrading all the windows in your home, especially when you won’t get to enjoy them. However, you will see a return on your investment when you sell. Not only will new windows appeal to buyers, but you can add the cost into the asking price on your property, recouping your initial expense. Plus, if you get enough interest in your home, you might even start a bidding war that causes your sale price to exceed initial expectations.